About Us

The Automation Alliance Group was born from a vision to provide expertise in technical, geographical and cultural matters across the globe through leading control systems integration firms.

Each member of the Alliance is an independent control systems integrator representing expertise within a particular geographic or technical area, and serving a broad base of local and international clients.

The members of the Alliance maintain complete autonomy and render professional services to their clients on a separate and individual basis. When needed, members join together to offer significant expertise, global knowledge and financial benefits to their clients. Working together, Alliance members are able to assemble unparalleled service teams for any given project and deliver streamlined, predictable and cost-effective multinational solutions.

The Alliance is built to help you manage your business around the world. AAG members exchange professional information about local and global practices as well as share ideas, which leads to each member’s improved ability to meet the demands of their clients. Members have in-depth knowledge of local laws, codes, customs and protocols. They also have a deep understanding of the business and political environment within their markets. While being fully versed in the local landscape, member firms are internationally oriented, representing their clients’ needs around the world.

Scope of Work

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering and Design
  • Programming
  • Field Installation and Start-up
  • Training
  • System Support
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)